Install & Configure Apache, PHP, JSP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin & WordPress on Windows XP/2000

Install Ruby on Rails



Download the "One-Click Installer" for Windows from

Version: 1.8.2-15
File Name: ruby182-15.exe
Download Location:

Install Ruby

  1. Run ruby182-15.exe. Click Next >.
    Click Next>
  2. Click I Agree.
    Click I Agree
  3. Click Next >.
    Click Next>
  4. Click Install.
    Click Install
  5. Click Finish.
    Click Finish

Install Rails

  1. Open a command prompt and run the following command:
    gem install rails --include-dependencies
  2. command prompt

Create a Rails App

  1. Run the following command in the command prompt:
    Note: You may change the path to whatever you wish. We are using our Apache DocumentRoot here.

  2. rails "C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\myfirstapp"

    Command Prompt
  3. Startup the WEBrick servlet by running the following command:

  4. ruby "C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\myfirstapp\script\server"

    Note: If the Windows Firewall complains, click Unblock.
    Click Unblock
    HTTP Server is running
    Note: Use CTRL-C to stop the WEBrick HTTP server.

  5. Open http://localhost:3000 in a web browser. You should see something like the following:
    Congratulations, you've put Ruby on Rails!



For more information on configuring Rails to work with Apache, see

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